Because your Employees are your Employer Brand Ambassadors

ambassador employees employer brand

* don’t forget to be kind to me concerning the spelling mistakes, I’m a young Frenchie😉

Employer branding is very important in social media. Nowadays all brands are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It allows them to be known for their culture, their value, their social commitment, and so on. Things change quickly and companies need to adapt their strategy to survive in a market more and more competitive. Brand awareness is no longer enough. Employer should develop a policy that encourages the sharing of content based on the values ​​and the culture of their company – and that matches with employees ‘interest. Maybe it seems to be too much simple but this kind of step can greatly help firms to recruit talents and attract exceptional partners for projects.

For instance, you’ve got an employee who is happy to work in your company. He/she can share on Facebook or another social network about the successes of your business. He/she shares with his/her friends, his/her family or with people who share the same passions. It gives you visibility and by the same way, increases the loyalty and retention of your employees.

In this article, I would like to share with you some tips to make your Employer Brand shine that have caught my attention:

| Show personal achievements of your employees

One thing that people like is creativity and spontaneity. So don’t hesitate to show how your company (employees included) can be imaginative. If your boss made cupcake, or if your colleague won the last marathon of NYC, say it, show it, share it!  This tip humanizes your brand and gives a kind of real comfort to it.

| Involve your employees in social platforms

First thing you have to notice: your employees are your Employer Brand Ambassadors – the base.  Secondly these Ambassadors are the face of your Employer Brand Image – and also the voice. Employer should involve the whole employees to animate communities, to write posts, to put pictures, etc. For some of employers, this step seems to be crazy. Yes it is. Obviously people can have a bad behavior, can affect the image of the company, etc. But if you trust in them and help them to understand how social media work (trainings, toolkits, etc.) and how their role as ambassador is important, you don’t need to be worry.

| Show how your new recruits are welcomed

It can be very fun and interesting at the same time to discover how the company welcomes new employees in the organization. Some firms create big events, such as seminar abroad; others post a photo of the new employee on Facebook, etc. Don’t forget that for the new employee, the first impression is crucial, so don’t underestimate this step and try to be creative!

| Show pictures of your activities or theme days

Companies with a developed culture have often their own routines to entertain their employees. Sometimes, activities tend to be more professional such as conferences, and sometimes the contrary for instance, wearing a specific color on Friday – instead of a black suit. Take pictures of these kind of event, it can show that people have fun and that your firm are dynamic and flexible.

| Take a virtual tour of the company

Just like Google, you can take pictures of your building, make a virtual tour. Or just show how your own office is well decorated – quite simply. It can allow the candidate to see the company differently and maybe make him/her want to visit the firm. Gather them!

Please not: the list is not exhaustive.

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