Why Social Networks Are Blue?

Karen Haller, a specialist in applied color psychology, wondered why social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn use the blue for their brand image.

Here are some answers to this question that people – especially those who work in communications – have asked themselves for a while. You’ll see that some explanations appear such as coincidences.

1st fact: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Flickr, Myspace and Friendfeed are brands which use the color blue for their image.

Have you ever noticed the way that the third biggest social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – use the color blue as a main tendency? Is it a simple coincidence? Or does it talk of  color symbolism strategy?

Color Psychology
The color blue is the reflection of the intellect and the mindset. It represents also the color of communications. So, when you think about the meaning and the aim of social media, I suppose that you can underline a certain reasoning.
During one of my Marketing class, I learned also that this color symbolizes the fact to be trustworthy, reliable, and safe. Do you think it’s really strange to hear it? Remember what people expect from a company? These three adjectives.

What kind of blue?
Like any color, there are so many types of blue. How to know if the color you’re using is the good one? To answer this question, you have to know your brand image but also the message that you want to promulgate to your audience. Thus if you believe that your values are based on the engagement, it would be necessary to use a dark blue color. It works also to show the offensive side – for instance. Contrary to this type of blue, you’ve got a committed blue which would mean that your brand is rather passive.

Hey World, what is your favorite color?
Research has also shown that blue is the most popular color in the world. This means that all cultures – or almost – even if they are different, use the color blue in a traditional way. It suggests that when you expect to target a broad audience abroad, this color should be integrated in your communication strategy.

When blue works with white
White is also used to communicate the clarity, the simplicity and the efficiency. These symbols could strengthen your brand message with the blend of white and blue.
Finally I think you’ll be agreed that it’s no accident that each of the social media giants has all chosen blue as the color base for their brand image. It is all about strategy.

But now the question could be to understand the reason why other networks such Pinterest or Youtube are using the red color? I’m asking you why, because one of the first things that we tend to learn at school concerning this color is rather that it can’t be used a lot, because it is too much aggressive. And here, this is the base of their logo, their platform. Do you think it could be a lack of reasoning? I don’t. Again, it is all about color psychology.

So, what kind of color are you using for your company? Have you ever tried to know if the colors that you are using are the good one? If they fit with your brand message?

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