The talent is not a matter of core competencies

The talent is not a matter of core competencies

After years of focus on the performance of their employees, current companies engage in a more global approach, to go beyond productivity to notions of behavior, motivation and commitment.


It seems to be a clever method to predict the success of a candidate or employee, based more on his/her potential than on his/her past achievements. In fact, the talent is also linked to the personality.

 The HR professionals reveal a trend that is spreading…

According to a recent survey, most of the time more than half of companies keep on using personality tests in recruitment. Indeed companies are seeking a balanced picture of their candidates and employees, enabling them to anticipate how they work and their reactions in a given business environment. With a detailed analysis of their behavior and traits, they can ensure the suitability of the employee to his/her position, but also form teams that work according to individual strengths and ensure good group dynamics.
Talent is now exposed on social networks. More and more companies are integrating social networks – especially professionals – in their recruitment process.

This trend is also explained by their desire to achieve a complete view of their talents. The online profile of a candidate – including its interests, its involvement in discussion groups, news articles he/she shares, recommendations from other members, etc. – says a lot about his/her potential. Also a golden opportunity for a candidate to disclose – professionally speaking – and stand out.

There is no talent without commitment. In theory, this makes sense: there is no point in recruiting talent if nothing is put in place to make them stay. In practice, it is less obvious…

Employee motivation does not always attract the attention of companies. Indeed, according to some studies, if 56% of HR professionals believe that commitment and loyalty are a priority for this year, 39% of them did not implement a real formal process of motivation and only 36% believe that career development (one of the main tools for talent retention) is a priority. And yet, contrary to what you think, disengagement – before compensation – leads employees to leave the company, and often the most talented first.

Companies which start this process of analysis demonstrate a certain commitment to find all the components that make the talent: skills and know-how of course, but also life balanced, consistency, empathy, transversal capacity, etc.

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