Can Creativity exist At Work?

Does Creativity (still) exist At Work?

The mechanism of innovation is characterized by a new understanding of things, a certain state of mind. To be innovative, you need creativity, imagination and also to have the ability to see problems as opportunities and not as brakes. Many professionals believe that creativity is only useful for specific positions such as advertising, but in reality it is a key ingredient of success in growing a business…


Change your view
Creativity is the ability to make or think or see or hear something that did not exist before. We must change our approach to new challenges. Instead of treating a problem in a negative way, it makes more sense to identify several ways to solve it. It offers a multitude of ideas and you will only have to choose the best solution possible. Believe me, think positive will give you more fun!

Take risks
An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. You know, not want to break habits and continue to work the same way is without a doubt the greatest threat of originality. The routine tends to reassure us while the novelty may worry, surprise, disturb, annoy, but finally we always learn something. To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong. To get out of your daily routine at work, you must agree to take a minimum of risk; this will give you the opportunity to try new things. Change the way you look at your work can inevitably be beneficial. As we say in French: “Qui ne tente rien à rien” – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Take time
A rested mind is a mind more productive, efficient and innovative. The best way to stay creative is to take a break every two hours (as often as possible). Many studies have shown that short breaks improve productivity of the brain. These breaks allow it to have a rest, to integrate and interpret all the information gathered during the day. Moreover with these small interruptions you can get back to work with fresh ideas. The most important is that you will have a clearer and newer vision.

Change of scene
One of the most effective methods to boost your creativity is to change environment. In fact, your brain gets used to external stimuli and stops generating new answers to similar problems. To encourage your mind to produce innovative inspiration, you must go out. Let your eyes see something different, and soak up all the creative energy bubbling inside you.

Try the “free-writing”
To help you organize your ideas, it will be very useful to sit down and write anything that pops into your head as template or schema. The key is not to fix barriers or limits. This type of exercise is a great way to generate all the ideas hidden in you that you may not have considered until now. After review, you just have to erase unnecessary information and develop your thoughts and ideas in a clearer way.

Think outside the box!
The only way to be creative is not to follow rules. That does not mean that tomorrow you can go rob a bank! But rather that we must try to break your preconceptions. As Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is stronger than Knowledge”. You have to color outside the links once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece. It’s like if you mix different ingredients without following recipe, only for seeing what it can give. Whatever topic you are working, there is always a way to think differently. So go ahead and let your creativity take over!

Don’t forget that every creative adult is a child who survived

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