How To Be The Next Lady Gaga On Twitter?

How to be the next Lady Gaga on Twitter?

I suppose that you are following many accounts on Twitter, secretly hoping that they will follow you in return…

Let me tell you something. It is not enough to follow someone to be follow back. Indeed there are different “rules” of conduct. OK I have to admit if your name is Georges Clooney or Lady Gaga, it can help! But you can also build your own Twitter Community and be famous if you follow some tricks:

RULE # 1 People Don’t Follow An Anonymous Ghost

BE AUTHENTIC – You want to be super star on Twitter? Well start by stopping to hide yourself! Put a great picture – more or less professional, it depends on you. You’re not photogenic? It does not matter there are great sites to create avatars. But please don’t let this “egg” that you have by default. Moreover don’t forget to change your background also. Here is some ideas for you.

RULE # 2 But Who Is This Handsome Stranger?

BE ATTRACTIVE & USE KARMA – Now that you have a nice picture, a beautiful image to represent you, the next step is your bio. “I need to know more about this handsome stranger before following him/her” – that’s what each person think when he/she decides to follow another person.
Sure those 160 characters are short to describe yourself, but this is a good exercise to work your ability to synthesize. So tell us who you are, who you like but the most important, what subjects you tweet. You can also put some hashtags “#” for keywords (but not too much to keep your bio readable) and also other account (for example, if you are working for Twitter you can put “@Twitter”).

RULE # 3 This Account Scares Me!

BE OPEN MINDED – One fine day you decide to talk about a controversial subject, but do not be surprised it can discourage some people from following you in return. You have to understand that everyone does not share your opinion concerning religions, politics or other beliefs.
On the other side, if you dare show your own colors, it could encourage those who share your vision to follow you. You can include the hashtag in your timeline to highlighted specific keywords and then compare with others that use the same. It allows you to distinguish people who talk about the similar thing as you and thus have the same interest.
However if your goal is to gain visibility for your business and be follow by as many people as possible, you should opt for a nice bio and quality content.
It’s a double-edged game up to you!

RULE # 4 Too Much Security Kills Visibility

BE CLEVER – Twitter can allow you to protect your tweets. It means that your Twitter feed is available only to those you have accepted the follow-up requests. To me, it goes against the principle of Twitter which is based on the sharing of information and ideas with more than 200 million users.
So if people see that you have decided to choose this option, believe me that they will not bother to ask your permission to access to what you want to hide so well (too long and boring!). Expect if your name is Bill Gates!
If you have something private to say, just send a direct message to this person. Open your Twitter feed and go ahead!

RULE # 5 Is Anyone There?

BE AVAILABLE & INVESTED – You have a lot of work to do, you don’t have the time to go on Twitter. Don’t take me for an idiot, you need less than 5 minutes to put a tweet, just to say “Hi” or after reading something interesting that you would like to share. So take the time even if it is once a week (when you are overbooked, because once a week that’s not enough!).
Imagine when one of yours friends doesn’t give you some news, that’s not cool. Now imagine that one person that you bother to follow don’t give you some news. Worse it is!

RULE # 6 Oh God! Not Again Him/Her!

GET INVOLVED…BUT NOT TOO MUCH – Pay attention to the frequency of your tweets. I told you that it is bad to not tweet enough but too much is not better. I can understand that you absolutely want to share again and again on this subject that fascinates you. I’m sure you mean well but I’m not sure you are well. At the beginning we all tend to do the same thing on Twitter. You just arrived and you would like that plenty of people follow you. Fatal Error. In every friend group we have a person who talk a lot and all the time. You dream of telling him/her “Shut up. Please.” but you can’t, you are polite. On Twitter, it’s easy you just stop following him/her because you are overwhelmed by his/her posts. So don’t talk too much! Prefer quality to quantity.
Today there are many studies which explain when you should tweet and how many posts do you need to be successful on Twitter – such as this one. But the problem is when you decided to have foreign followers… Jet lag becomes your worst enemy. If you are in this case, just try some different schedule (and pay attention also if you switch in another language to be balanced) and you will see what it the better way to tweet for you.

RULE # 7 Are You Speaking Alone?

BE SOCIAL – Don’t forget that Twitter is a social network. In the word “Social Network”, you have “Social”, it means that you have to avoid monologues. You should share information from your side (from your website if you got one) but also from others.
You can also speak directly with someone if you dare, asking a question if you need more information or if you don’t understand. Make a short comment on an article such as “Great job” or “I Disagree with it” is also a good way to initiate the dialog. All is allowed (if it is relevant of course).
There is also the “Retweet” which shows that you are this kind of persons willing to get involved and ready to help promote the work of others.

Here some of my tricks that I suggest you to be a Super Star on Twitter. But remember that this list is not exhaustive. We could add also the importance to become an expert at spelling for instance. Or giving nicknames to your followers such as Lady Gaga does with “My little monsters” etc. But I prefer that you learn all these things by yourself (otherwise it would be not funny!).

If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m here!

Anne Pestel On Twitter

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