Passion or Money? That is the question

Passion or Money? That is the question


Do you believe people when they tell you: « Do what you love, the money will follow. » Inspiring without a doubt, but true? Not sure. The question is if you are really passionate about what you do, but it is not going to make you a lot of money… Should you still do it?

I think that we simply want to do something that we love. Or something that is logically going to lead to something we love, in order to do our best. To be passionate makes us more creative and more resourceful. Moreover it helps us to get further faster and to be more persistent.

My story — A few years ago, I was a dancer, I lived for dancing and did not plan to do anything else of my life. I was at school and at the same time, I danced 37 hours per week. When I think about it now, I believe that I was crazy and don’t understand how I could be able to do it. Indeed, the answer is simple: Passion. In spite of physical and mental pressure, when you love doing something you forget all around. But as my Daddy used to say: “Passion is something passing.” I knew that the career of dancer would be short, complicated and I would say that one out of twenty persons succeeded in this kind of career. Not a lot. Thus, I decided to go on studying but also leaving the place I was to stand back and discover… other things.

This is my story and I’m sure you’ve got yours. Sure, you are filled with remorse now but have no regrets (as far as I’m concerned).

Now I graduated in Management, International Business and Marketing, and want to go on in HR (just one more year!). However in France, there are no jobs (in particular for young graduates like me) and jobs in Marketing or HR are not famous to be well paid. And again, I said to myself “I have the aspiration, but I am rather certain it’s not going to lead anywhere that’s monetarily gainful. Now what? Should I still go ahead?” This time my answer was “Of course I should!”

But, let’s be true. None of this guarantees financial success, or even wealth. Now let’s qualify the answer a bit. Giving up my career of dancer was more a question of rationality which included a strong physical aspect more than anything. But now, this is a not the same case. In fact it is about waking up each morning and realizing how much I am passionate about my job, even if I’m not as well paid as someone who works in finance for instance. You know, French people used to say: « Qui ne risque rien n’a rien ». (“nothing ventured, nothing gained” in English). Of course you are not able to say if your passion is going to bring you enough money, but do you really think that making no moves will let you know if you are right or wrong? Just take a small step toward making it a reality, and you see what happens. Who knows? Even the smallest step can change everything.

I hope this article will help people who have only money as motivational factor to reconsider whether they want to continue to do things that are not making them happy, just because it brings them more money. Most of the time these people say, « Once I get enough money, I’ll do what I really want to do. I won’t worry about the money anymore. » Such as Steve Jobs said :

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

My advice is not essentially to find what is the most fun or the easiest one, but rather find the one that is most rewarding — this could imply many different things for many different persons. Well, If the purpose of your life is to earn money… Get in line, get a job, pay the man, take your money and do what they tell you. If not, welcome to freedom! On the other hand, if what you love is already in existence, take that passion and turn it on its head, be different, be crazy and enjoy every minute of it. You know, people who think sometimes that you are pathetic or pitiable are secretly jealous because they probably will never have the guts to follow their dreams… Think about it!

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