The gentle art of storytelling


Brief reminder: The art of storytelling dates back to ancient History. Every most important culture is based on great orators of history, legend and myth. Nowadays, this tradition persists despite the advent of mass electronic media…

Stories as powerful leadership tools…

Before starting, let me just ask you a question: How many times have you been captivated by a story? How many times have you stayed up late reading a book that you « couldn’t » put down, or watching a movie that you “couldn’t” turn off? How many times have you changed your mind after reading a persuasive piece of writing, or pushed yourself harder after hearing the story of someone else’s achievement? Take time and think about it just for a minute – Because it may be more often than you can picture it.
Actually, there’s no doubt that stories can modify the way we think, do something, and sometimes feel. Great leaders are aware of this power and use this in order to influence and stimulate their teams to new heights, just as many top CEOs use this to illustrate points and sell their thoughts. Stories can motivate and inspire everything in capturing our imaginations and breaking down barriers. They can build a whole firm culture with only facts, and turn a bad situation into a good one.

… If they’re told well.

Be Yourself – Be able to tell a good story means to be sensitive. You have – as a good storyteller – to talk from your heart. Don’t try to be the person you’re not, to show emotion you don’t fell because your listeners will probably see it and you are going to loose all your credibility.
Be worried about your audience, not yourself – Defines who are people in front of you and their expectations. Then, spend time brainstorming ideas for different circumstances and know which kind of story to tell to attract them.
Be creative – Keep in mind that when you tell a story, you’re creating an experience for your listeners. Focus on senses, not only on words. Create interest and draw your audience in. Don’t just tell them a story, make it attractive, make it real. Thus Good stories command the listener’s or reader’s attention, are enjoyable and are remembered.
Be ready – To be a good storyteller takes time and perseverance. I admit that some people are very good at this discipline, instinctive or learned, it depends on you. However, if you want my advice: try to practice first. For instance, take a few minutes and tell your story to yourself in front of a mirror or video camera, this can help you before being confronted by your audience for real.

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